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Affiliated States Bottled Water Association Webinar Series

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Build a more resilient workforce & secure your company’s security posture!

Join un on Thursday, August 31st to learn how to build a more resilient workforce and develop your company’s security posture against unwanted threats. 


Here is what you can learn:

Identifying factors that influence employee departure.

  • How to develop strategies that help retain top performing employees.

  • How to make sure you are safeguarding sensitive data.

  • Actionable steps toward a more secure workplace.



This special webinar is free for ASBWA members! The webinar will be held on Thursday, August 31st from 9:00 am - 11:00 am CST. Once you have signed up you will receive an invitation to join the meeting. Register today and as added bonus we will send you the recording!

Building a Resilient Workforce: Unleashing the Power of Employee Retention

In today's competitive business landscape, the success of any small business depends upon the strength of its workforce. 

Employee retention plays an important role in creating a stable and productive environment, leading to increased profitability and sustained growth. Join us for an engaging and enlightening webinar, "Building a Resilient Workforce: Unleashing the Power of Employee Retention," where we will delve into the essential strategies and best practices for retaining top talent.


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Patricia "Patti" Pannell

Patricia “Patti” Pannell is a Human Resources consultant, attorney, and mediator. A graduate of the University of South Carolina School of Law, Patti was engaged in the practice of labor and employment law in the Greater New Orleans area for more than 25 years before becoming a business consultant.

Patti has been a featured speaker for businesses, chambers of commerce, and trade associations as well as for attorneys on topics such as sexual harassment, family and medical leave, wage and hour law, and women’s issues in the workplace. She works extensively with HR professionals and business owners in proactive problem solving, including developing and implementing HR protocols; working with managers in dealing with employees in difficult situations, providing advice, guidance and coaching as needed; formulating general workplace policies and strategies; and conducting independent investigations into allegations of sexual harassment and other forms of workplace discrimination.

Juanita Hill-Kennedy

Juanita Hill-Kennedy is a strategic human resources executive with over 20 years of experience conceptualizing and implementing HR policies and procedures to promote the organizational mission. Her expertise includes supporting comprehensive, high-performance human resources roles that incite business excellence. Juanita delivers exemplary strategic vision and tactical implementation to assess and improve human resource programs and processes that retain superior talent and reduce turnover. She is known for routinely evaluating and reengineering systems to improve quality standards resulting in bottom-line results. 

Juanita is an innovative human resources leader offering an extensive record of success, creating strategies, structures, tools, and processes that enable companies to realize their vision and achieve their business objectives. She excels at turning around challenging cultures, re-engaging employees, elevating morale, and creating a climate that values individual contributions and inspires high-performance. As an astute advisor, she guides all HR aspects of business planning and building a bridge with employees that facilitates enhanced employee engagement. Juanita works in close partnership with management and executive leaders to articulate staffing needs and build strategies that attract and retain top talent and support future growth objectives. Juanita is recognized for her capacity to cultivate a culture that inspires high-performance by valuing individual contribution and the provision of training and support that equips individuals and teams with the tools, knowledge, skills, and confidence to achieve challenging goals.

Juanita holds an SPHR certification with the Human Resources Certification Institute and a SHRM-SCP certification with the Society of Human Resources. She studied Business at the University of New Orleans, Honolulu Community College and Tulane University.

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Secure your Company's Security

This session will present you with crucial questions to help evaluate your organization’s information security posture and empower 

your leaders with actionable steps. The focus will remain on guiding you to start your security journey and provide insights you can 

use to ensure you’re safeguarding sensitive data. We will explore key topics like compliance requirements, cyber-liability insurance, data inventory, training employees, managing a remote workforce and more.

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Robin Nelson

Robin Nelson is a shareholder at Creative Planning for Business with more than 30 years of experience. Robin serves the firm as a virtual chief information security officer (vCISO), advising clients on cyber, risk and information security. He specializes in information technology security assessments and has a deep level of expertise in technical and networking technologies as well as business consulting around disaster recovery, incident response, vulnerability management and helping clients get a sense of their current information security posture.

Robin first professional role was as a teacher, and it has served him well throughout his career. He has worked diligently over the years to educate clients about emerging technology and how they can use it to improve their business operations. Robin is also a mentor and coach to frontline staff to help teach them best practices for helping clients with their Information security challenges.

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