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Affiliated States Bottled Water Association (ASBWA) is a professional trade association representing small, medium, and large bottlers and distributors; suppliers; allied partners in water treatment and filtration; and industry professionals. It is our mission to provide strong member benefits and programs including best practices and the exchange of technical, regulatory, and valuable information and ideas to help members grow and run their businesses more effectively and efficiently.

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In a complex and unpredictable legislative and regulatory environment, being part of a united voice in support of your industry is more important than ever. ASBWA works hard to provide information and advocacy regarding state and federal actions and legislation as they affect its members. ASBWA monitors and communicates this information and coordinates grass roots action where such action is needed, and board approved.

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Continued education is vital to staying on top of the bottled water industry. ASBWA hosts events including conferences, seminars, workshops, and training sessions (including Continuing Education Units or CEUs) to ensure its members have every opportunity to learn and be aware of what affects their industry and business. ASBWA provides a wealth of education opportunities from industry-specific topics to those that are more general, i.e., best practices and business skills development. Plus, there are constant opportunities to learn from peers and engage in mentoring relationships.

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Technical resources and information are critical to the ongoing operations of any bottled water enterprise. ASBWA’s Technical Committee provides updates and technical information, briefs, and manuals to help educate, inform, and assist bottlers and distributors regarding technical requirements, standards, and advances.

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Trade organizations regularly lobby the government on behalf of their industry. As an ASBWA member, you will have the opportunity to combine resources with others in the organization to more effectively advocate for the issues that are important in your business and industry. As a member you will be part of a larger voice and influence for the betterment of the industry and your business.

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Organization Buyer’s Guides are essential to providing its members with the who and how connections when it comes to the products and services necessary to running an ongoing and growing business. The ASBWA Online ASBWA Buyer's Guide provides members with an essential list of member supplier. It provides a connection to like-minded member suppliers who also support your organization and work alongside you for the betterment of the industry and your business.

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Relevant and engaging communications for members should always be at the top of an association’s member benefits & services. ASBWA members can look to ASBWA as an important voice within the bottled water industry. From communicating member benefits, upcoming programs, important legislative and regulatory information, and more - ASBWA provides regular communication with its members including emails, newsletters, buyer’s guide, and social media platforms to keep you updated and in the know about your association and industry.

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As an ASBWA member you will be known as a company that is committed to quality, growth, and innovation. Membership in ASBWA looks great to current and potential customers, employees, and the public. This alliance will strengthen your business and help it grow. It will provide you with an edge over the competitors that doesn’t take advantage of such an opportunity.

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Last, but far from least, in the business world, success isn’t only determined by what you know, but who you know. ASBWA offers a great forum for connecting with peers and those with influence within the bottled water industry. These contacts can act as a sounding board for exploring new ideas, working through problems, and helping you grow by sharing experiences, building long-term relationships, and introducing you to other industry contacts. This is one of the most valued benefits to belonging to your industry trade association today.


Watch for the 2024 ASBWA Buyers’ Guide to Products & Services coming soon!

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