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Affiliated States Bottled Water Association (ASBWA) is a professional trade association representing small, medium, and large bottlers and distributors; suppliers; allied partners in water treatment and filtration; and industry professionals. It is our mission to provide strong member benefits and programs including best practices and the exchange of technical, regulatory, and valuable information and ideas to help members grow and run their businesses more effectively and efficiently.

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The Membership Committee monitors and reviews membership status, recruits new members, seeks new ways to attract and retain members, and fosters networking activities among the members.

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The Government Relations Committee monitors ASBWA’s member states’ legislative and regulatory activities and reports on important issues to members in protection of the industry and members best interests.

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The Technical Committee provides updates and technical information, briefs, and manuals to help educate, inform, and assist bottlers and distributors regarding technical requirements and advances.

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The Communications Committee works to develop and provide the best communications and communication platforms possible between the Association and its members.

Programs & Forumsshutterstock_1166821360 copy.png


The Programs & Forums Committee serves to develop programs for the members to educate, inform, and encourage networking including Annual Conferences, Seminars, Webinars, Education Days, and more.

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The Supplier Committee represents the Supplier membership of the organization and supports supplier-based programs within the organization including the Annual Product Fair.

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